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Subtitles & Closed-Captioning Available for Download

The Regarding Susan Sontag DVD is now even more accessible! You can download English Closed-Captions (thanks to HBO), French Subtitles (thanks to Écrans Mixtes Lyon), and Spanish subtitles (thanks to Fire!! Mostra Internacional de Cinema Gai i Lesbià de Barcelona) from our website here.

Regarding Susan Sontag DVDs For Sale

The Regarding Susan Sontag Home DVD is now available for purchase! To place your order, please email: outreach@sontagfilm.org. DVDs are $30 including shipping in the US, additional for international orders, and can be paid via PayPal to outreach@sontagfilm.org. Please note that we cannot accept checks. For educational orders, please contact Amy Aquilino at Women Make Movies: aaquilino@wmm.com.

2015 Grierson Awards

Regarding Susan Sontag has been short-listed for the 2015 Grierson Awards (the British Documentary Oscars) in the category of Best Arts Documentary! For more information please visit: http://www.griersontrust.org/awards/the-grierson-awards-2015/shortlist/

FOCAL International Award

Regarding Susan Sontag has won a FOCAL International Award for best use of archival footage in an arts program! FOCAL is the professional organization for archival footage houses and researchers. Pictured is director Nancy Kates with the representative from Bridgeman, the award sponsor, in London at the awards ceremony.

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