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Sophie Constantinou, cinematographer

She was the intellectual that wrote in language that I could embrace, made me believe I could be a thinker without being a snob.  She was the tough cookie
that could dish it out and be beautiful and smart and show the boys a thing or two.  She made Derrida seem silly but made me fall in love with Barthes.  She
was a rock when I was ill and I could remind myself that it was not my fault cause Susan said so. I was not a metaphor, and there was no rationalizing 
cause and effect because of some literary fatal flaw.

Sontag’s work shaped me, I even believe that the conversation has changed because of her.  But it’s like the everlasting question what makes a good book and what makes a good movie.  All these ruminations are about a life of thought through books.  Maybe people will go read her books and think some of the things I thought.  Or maybe she changed the conversation enough that the content is dated.  We will never know.  But I cherish that we got to hang out and ask some of these questions together.